Blue BioU is the result of a ground-breaking collaboration between Rice University and IBM that aims to provide large-memory highly threaded computing to the Texas Medical Center. Standing now at 47 IBM Power 755 nodes, Blue BioU is just under half the size of the famous Watson supercomputer that made news by beating human champions at the television game show, Jeopardy! . Each node contains four eight-core POWER7 chips running at 3.86GHz. Each core runs four simultaneous multithreaded hardware threads, giving each node a total of 128 schedule-able processor units. BioU sports the largest memory profile of our systems, with 256GB RAM per node, or 8GB per core. BioU, DAVinCI, and the Bluegene/P all connect to our GPFS infrastructure, which provides a common shared 214TB volume at $WORK and a BioU specific 257TB volume at $SHARED_SCRATCH. In addition, home directories (2TB) and group project space (8TB) are provided by a cluster internal NFS server.



SUR/NIH Citation

This work was supported in part by NIH award NCRR S10RR02950 and an IBM Shared University Research (SUR) Award in partnership with CISCO, Qlogic and Adaptive Computing.

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